LynFit: The Brand With A Heart!

LynFit's heartfelt mission is to help transform lives, not just bodies. One person at-a-time, one pound at-a-time, one day at-a-time. To inspire moments of optimism, happiness and vibrant health.

At LynFit we strive to be more than just another supplement company or training program. We want to be the brand your whole family can rely on, by using only ingredients that are pure, safe and of the highest quality.

Getting lean is about eating right and staying active. LynFit is constantly seeking out the most effective ways to help you lose the weight you want to lose and live healthier, more fulfilling lives.

We are LynFit, but it's a lot bigger than this! Here's our mission:
    1.     LynFit focuses on You.
    Since the beginning we've focused on providing the best user experience possible. Whether we're helping you lose weight or getting healthy, we take great care to ensure that our products and services will ultimately serve You rather than our own internal goal or bottom line. Every product is designed with the concept of "if you can't give it to your kids or your mother you shouldn't be using it either". At LynFit we put safety and purity first.

    2.     LynFit believes weight loss and wellness go hand-in-hand and we vow to do it right or not do it at all.

    We do our research and focus exclusively on solving weight loss and wellness problems and how we could "do it better". Through continued research and focusing on the most difficult problems, we've been able to solve complex issues like needing to take too many supplements at one time. We played supplement scientist and combined them for you, making it easier and far more cost effective, not to mention you get better results in 1/2 the time. We are dedicated to improving and applying what we've learned to our products daily.

    3.     LynFit believes fast is better than slow.

    We know your time is valuable. When you're trying to lose weight and get fit you want results right away. LynFit's products aim to please. We keep speed in mind when we develop each product we release; whether it's the Metabolic Workout, Lean Bar or Complete Protein Shake. They were all designed with safety and speed in mind. We continue to work on making your weight loss go even faster.

    4.     LynFit believes Great just isn't good enough.

    We see being great as just the starting point, not an endpoint. We set goals we know we can't reach yet because we know that by stretching to meet them will enable us to get further than expected. Through research and innovation we aim to take things that are safe and work well and then improve them in unexpected ways. For example, we asked why some ingredients couldn't be combined together so you, the consumer, wouldn't have to buy 18 different bottles of supplements. Guess what? We turned those 18 different bottles into just 1 for you!

    Even if you don't know exactly what you're looking for LynFit can help. Ultimately, our constant dissatisfaction with the way things are becomes the driving force to make them the way they should be. LynFit strives to make it better.

    5.     LynFit product portfolio.

    We bring to the world a portfolio of quality weight loss products and workouts that anticipate and satisfy your desires and needs quickly and efficiently with safety always at the forefront.

    6.     LynFit chooses its partners by hand.

    By choosing our partners by hand it allows us to work with and nurture a winning network of customers and suppliers. Together, we create a mutual, enduring value.

    At LynFit, each supplement is hand-crafted. We never mass produce, allowing us to keep our hand in the quality while keeping your safety our first priority.

    7.     LynFit cares about the planet.

    We are a responsible company that makes a difference by using recycled materials whenever possible as well as using minimal packaging materials, helping sustain the world.

    8.     LynFit's productivity.

    We are a highly effective, lean and fast moving organization. Because we value speed and efficiency, our shipping policy is 5 business days; however, most orders are shipped within 3 business days.

    9.     LynFit doesn't accept returns, to protect your health.

    While this isn't a typical business practice, it is at LynFit. And for good reason. Lots of supplement companies allow you to purchase with a 100% return policy. Here is what you don't know about that policy. After a client has purchased a supplement and held onto it for X number of days (it may have been stored in less than optimal conditions and could have been too hot or damp, affecting the ingredients) and then returns it, they then will resell it to you. At LynFit we never resell products. We don't believe in it as it's not safe for you. We would prefer that you do your homework and purchase only when you're sure you need the products first. No pressure tactics are ever used. We prefer to educate, inform and inspire.

    10.    LynFit cares more about you than our bottom line.

    Enough said! You matter most.

    Our goal is to help as many people lose weight and live healthier lives as humanly possible. Let us know what we can do for you!

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