Mocktails To Melt Fat


What in the world is a mocktail? A mocktail is a cocktail for your metabolism.

In the last 25 years, our alcohol intake has doubled. Interestingly, so has the obesity rate and diabetes. Uh, could there be a connection? I certainly believe so.

Alcohol brings out the very worst in our body, especially when it comes to getting in shape and melting belly fat. Before I show you a few replacements for alcohol, it's important to know why you should replace the booze.


Just one alcoholic drink daily can cause you to gain 15 pounds of fat in a year and raises estrogen levels enough to increase breast cancer risk among post-menopausal women. Alcohol negatively interferes with the body's ability to melt belly fat.


Alcohol is viewed as a toxin by your body and clogs the liver. A clogged liver can make weight loss impossible. Alcohol doesn't need digestion, so it causes rapid blood sugar spikes, causing intense cravings. 


Try this exercise: Write down how much alcohol (beer, wine, or other) that you consume in one week (for irony, write it down on a cocktail napkin — LOL). Calculate the calories and get ready for the next surprise—a reasonable amount of two beers nightly can add up to more than 2,000 calories weekly, which is an extra day's worth of calories, and then some. It can take more than three to four hours of intense exercise to burn that off.

Not only does alcohol contain empty calories (liquid candy), it also undermines your willpower that can affect your eating for up to 72 hours after. Add to that the fact that most of us don't choose healthy foods after we've been drinking. Try an alcohol-free challenge for seven days and you'll lose that muffin top and feel better when you wake up. Who knows, you might even feel like working out, and that's always good for weight loss.

When it comes to living lean, it's all about replacements, and this category is no different. So let's look at some alternatives for cocktails. Let's have some mocktails instead.

Metabolic Boosting Icy Green Tea Mojito: If you love the taste of mojitos but can't afford the 175 calories they deliver, try this instead.

  • (1 cup) Green tea with mint
  • (1) Seltzer or lime-flavored, zero calorie sparkling water
  • (1) Lime or lemon wedge
  • Mint sprigs

Combine ingredients in a shaker glass with plenty of ice. Squeeze lime or lemon wedges, add mint, drink up to lean out.

The green tea helps to burn fat and boost metabolism. To super-charge your metabolism even more, add (1–2 scoops) of LynFit Complete Protein Powder

Strawberry Lemonade: Love margaritas but not the calories? Try this melt fat margarita instead. You’ll save hundreds of calories switching to this metabolic boosting version.

Combine any zero calorie strawberry lemonade mix with water (according to the directions on the package) and sparkling water for a little fizz. Add cut up lemons and frozen strawberries. For a metabolic boost, add (2–3 scoops) of LynFit Complete Protein Powder.

Turbo-charged morning after shots: Tired of that "morning after" feeling?

Try a shot of LynFit Daily Power Shot to help boost your day while nourishing your body and replacing the nutrients lost during your binge. LynFit Daily Power Shot can also help with hangovers and headaches.

Pour LynFit Daily Power Shot into your favorite shot glass, over ice, or into sparkling water, and drink up. The colloidal (means small size) vitamins and minerals will be absorbed quickly, so you’ll feel better faster and stay energized all day without the jitters.

Don't forget to take your LynFit Lean Sleep before you pass out.  LynFit Lean Sleep will help induce a peaceful sleep, so you recover faster.

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  • Lisa Lynn