Lazy Man's Yoga: You Don't Even Have To Get Out Of Bed

Getting a man to try a Yoga class can be a challenge. But guys and gals should know there are a lot of male professional athletes that swear by it. 

You don't have to have the perfect environment or latest in workout fashion to stretch, but it is imperative that you stretch. Tightness is the #1 reason people their doctors for ailments. From sore backs to stiff necks and shoulders — it's all about keeping your muscles flexible.

Have you ever noticed that when you have tight hamstrings, it also pulls your whole body down? Your shoulders go up to around ear level, and you have the "little old person" posture. When your hamstrings are flexible, it allows you to stand up straighter with your shoulders pulled back. You regain the youthful-looking posture and appear taller.

Here are some gentle Yoga moves for even the laziest of the lazy that you don't even have to get out of the bed to do. They are the secret to keeping your body flexible and youthful.

(The moves are shown in the video above)

  • The Back Fixer (Lying 90° Stretch)
  • Lying Inner Thigh Stretch
  • Lying Outer Thigh Stretch
  • The Butt Stretch/Hip Opener
  • Stretch Everything Out

Practice these gentle moves and I promise your muscles will thank you for it!

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