The 1-Minute-A-Day Metabolic Boosting Workout Challenge

The biggest excuse on the planet when it comes to working out is that we are just too busy. Forget trying to make it to an hour-long workout class. Add in travel time, and it’s another missed workout day. No judgement here — I've been there.

How would you like to burn double the calories in half the time without stepping foot in the gym? Metabolic boosting workouts are your answer. They are "HIT" (High-Intensity Training) workouts that are specifically geared to boost your metabolism and lower cortisol (stress hormone) that may be stopping you from losing weight.

Metabolic boosting workouts are so efficient that in just a few minutes (with no equipment at all) you’ll burn more calories than you would from a steady-pace run on the treadmill. Better yet, you'll keep burning fat and calories long after the workout is over. Bottom line, you have no excuses.

This 1-minute exercise drill, which you do each day, uses a unique combination of metabolic boosting exercises (from my book The Metabolism Solution) that you'll perform for 60 seconds each for each exercise. Instead of resting (you can if you need to) you’ll work different opposing muscle groups while the muscles you used previously rest and recover.

This method reshapes your body with adding bulk. You'll also improve your strength and endurance while toning your entire body. The whole workout may take you 20-30 minutes. You'll be challenged, so prepare to sweat. If needed, you can break these moves down into 1-minute drills until you have time to do the entire workout. Not feeling up to par? That’s okay. You can go at your own pace and do what you can. There's never a good reason not to exercise.

Aim to work out every day for two weeks until you are hooked and can’t live without exercise. This is the dirty little secret the celebrities on the red carpet use to get in shape. Take a break from your current workout and put these moves to the test if you’re trying to lose weight and shrink and reshape your upper and lower body.

To review:

  • Metabolic workouts melt double the calories in ½ the time of other workouts
  • Metabolic workouts boost your metabolism without boosting your appetite
  • Metabolic workouts help to reduce cortisol levels (stress hormones), which is the key to melting off fat while other workouts can actually raise cortisol levels, stopping weight loss
  • Can be done at home in 1-minute increments, or if you have time, you can go for the 30-minute sessions. It’s your, workout you decide. The bottom line is you've got to get it done!

Are you ready to take the 14-Day Metabolic Boosting Workout Challenge? All you need is a pair of dumbbells. No dumbbells? Use water bottles. Here's your daily gameplan, so you have no excuses!

NOTE: Photos of all these movements can be found in The Metabolism Solution. Also, the exercise for the day will be shown on my Facebook Page on that day, so make sure to follow me at

The Exercise Component The Food & Behavioral Modification Fix
Day 1: Deep squat to front raise Drink more water
Day 2: Stiff leg dead lift Eat a green apple as a snack
Day 3: The butt/hip stretch Choose fish vs. chicken
Day 4: Front lunge with dumbbell side raise Take a multi-vitamin
Day 5: Bent over dumbbell row in lunge position Eat ½ the amount you normally would
Day 6: The lying inner thigh stretch Don't eat after 7 p.m.
Day 7: Push-ups Eat and additional veggie vs. starch
Day 8: Lying rear flies Journal your food intake
Day 9: Side core raise Don't eat any processed food
Day 10: Plank Count your fat grams (stay under 20)
Day 11: Stretch-out 90° stretch Count your carb grams (stay under 80)
Day 12: Side lunge with arm curl Count your calories (goal weight x 10)
Day 13: Tricep dip Stay away from any trigger food today
Day 14: Walk outside or in-place Go to bed by 10 p.m.

For more tips just like these, see The Metabolism Solution!

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