NEWSLETTER SPECIAL: (3 dozen - 36) Assorted Lean Bars
An assortment of Lean Bars from the flavors of Toffee, Pecan Praline, Tahitian Vanilla, Graham Cracker, and Chocolate Almond Coconut. LynFit determines the assortment you will receive (no substitutions, discounts, returns, or refunds allowed).

When it comes to losing weight and improving your health... 


Scientific research shows that eating prebiotic fiber found in LynFit Lean Bars boosts weight loss and fat burning. 

Did you know that LynFit's Lean Bars don't expire? That's right! They go by a "Best By Date" and as long as you store them properly they almost never go bad! For longer life, store in the freezer and simply thaw before eating.

*The discount is already applied and no further discounts are allowed with this promotion. Any attempted use of discount codes will result in the entire order being canceled. Absolutely no returns or refunds allowed. A select variety of flavors are included in this promotion at the discretion of LynFit Nutrition and not substitutions or are allowed.

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