NEWSLETTER SPECIAL: Flavor Burst Complete Protein Shake Variety Pack (1 each of Chocolate Truffle, French Vanilla Creme, & Wild Strawberry)


For a limited time, receive one each of Chocolate Truffle, French Vanilla Creme, and Wild Strawberry Complete Protein Shakes. No substitutions allowed.

GAME CHANGER! LynFit’s new Complete Protein Powder tastes so delicious that you’ll finally crave what’s good for you. It looks identical to our original Complete Protein Shake, but it’s not! LynFit Complete Protein Shake now contains Fibersol®, which helps manage blood sugar levels better, making it easier to melt off that stubborn belly fat, improve health, and boost immunity, thanks to the prebiotic fiber that it now contains.

The Complete Protein Shake still cooks the same. You can use it for your pancakes, bread, ice cream, smoothies, and shakes, or even whip it up and add it to your coffee for a leaner latte or cappuccino for weight loss ala Lisa Lynn style.

NOT YOUR AVERAGE PROTEIN! We use the same purifying and micro-filtering process to remove all traces of lactose, so even the most sensitive can drink it. It’s freeze-dried (as opposed to pan or heat-drying) which is what is used for the astronaut’s space food to keep them healthy during long missions because it doesn’t destroy the quality of the protein—cheaper, inferior products don’t do this. It's a very time intensive process but delivers a superior product.

All the moisture and oxygen are removed without denaturing the product and is 100% bio-available, so when you prepare LynFit Complete Protein Powder it will be used versus stored as fat. Complete Protein doesn't bloat the way other protein shakes can, so this allows you to cook with it without sacrificing the quality of the protein.

Nutritional Label: Download the Complete Protein labels by clicking on the name below

Servings Per Container: About 23


How much to take and when: Consistency and frequency matter! Suggested Usage: Prepare one to two servings per day using two level scoops per serving.

For weight loss, have a Complete Whey Protein Shake for breakfast and again as an afternoon snack.

For Best Results: In a blender, mix two level scoops of Complete Whey Protein Powder with one cup of cold water (depending on desired consistency). Blend on lowest speed for 30 seconds. Complete Whey Protein can also be prepared with a spoon or whisk.

Rapid Weight Loss: Replace two (2) meals per day with a Complete Whey Protein Shake.

Moderate Weight Loss: Replace one (1) meal per day with a Complete Whey Protein Shake.

Maintenance: Enjoy at least one (1) Complete Whey Protein Shake daily whenever you feel like as a dessert, replace a meal, or as desired throughout your day.

Fit and Active Lifestyles: You can add an additional shake after you exercise to replace lost nutrients and encourage healing and repair. It can also be taken before workouts or meals for additional protein when needed.

Muscle Growth (men, kids, teens): LynFit Complete Whey Protein can also be taken before and after workouts or with meals for additional protein when needed for muscle synthesis.

Injury, Recovery, and High Stress: Consume your protein shake within 60 minutes of waking to reduce cortisol levels and add an additional shake as your night time snack to help you sleep, if needed, to help control cortisol and prevent eating the wrong foods.

Teens: LynFit Complete Whey Protein is a great way to make sure your teen gets the nutrition he or she needs. It's a great grab-and-go healthy meal, and unlike inferior sources of protein, it won't make your teen's face or back break out. *Teens that wrestle or lift weights may have more than one shake per day safely.

Seniors: Enjoy two (2) shakes daily mixed in water or juice. *If weight loss is needed, mix in water instead. Drink more if you exercise or are under a lot of stress physically or emotionally.

Kids love it too: Mix LynFit Complete Whey Protein with milk or their favorite juice or fruit for a lower sugar better for your body smoothie!

Cancer Recovery and Cancer Patients: Enjoy two (2) shakes daily in addition to meals or as needed for recovery, mixed in water if weight loss is needed, or in almond milk or juice if extra calories are required to maintain weight.

Diabetic: Use daily to replace high carb meals or 30 minutes before a meal to blunt blood sugar spikes.

High Blood Pressure: Use daily as a meal replacement to help promote weight loss and reduce blood pressure.

EASY TO STORE! That's right! Because it's a powder, there's no need to refrigerate it. You can keep it in a cool dry place for up to three years without a problem. We do, however, recommend using it within a month after you open the bag for optimum freshness. But let's be honest here... it's so good that you'll drink it up quick! 

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