Lose 1 Pound Per Day The Leaner Lifestyle Way

Transform your body fast!

Throw away words like moderation and mediocrity and replace them with Fast, Easy, and Delicious. The Leaner Lifestyle will help you discover how incredibly simple and fun lifelong wellness can be.

The Leaner Lifestyle is all about boosting your metabolism (even the most sluggish metabolisms lose weight on this plan), so you lose weight faster and easier. It's guaranteed to help you lose weight if you follow the plan.

The Leaner Lifestyle is a way of life that's not fad-based. Rather, it is a fact-based program that is specifically designed to help you lose weight using metabolic boosting protein shakes and clean foods combined with metabolic boosting exercise and safe supplements. Working together all of these will further boost your metabolism and trigger fat loss.

What Makes the Leaner Lifestyle Different?

The Secret - No one fails! The Leaner Lifestyle helps to fix the damage that dieting, age, sluggish thyroids or not eating or exercising the right way have caused. This system is the only one of its kind that attacks and safely revs your metabolism from every angle; from the inside out.

It's this winning combination of clean eating, replacing two meals a day using LynFit's Complete Protein Shake or Lean Bars (results cannot be guaranteed using other products) and the smart use of safe supplements versus supplements that damage your metabolism, that sets the Leaner Lifestyle apart from any other weight loss or fitness plan.

LynFit products not only give you better and faster results by using premium ingredients but also by blending many individual products into one, effectively reducing customer costs.

The Leaner Lifestyle is not just about losing weight. It's about radically changing your life and giving you hope, even if you've been discouraged. It's about making health and weight loss effortless and enjoyable. It is truly a lifestyle change that will not only change your body but your whole life.

Metabolic Exercise + Safe Supplements = Faster Results!

While the Leaner Lifestyle weight loss system will work without exercise, no program is truly complete without it. On the Leaner Lifestyle, you'll enjoy working out again. The Leaner Lifestyle system specifically uses metabolic boosting exercise that anyone can do anywhere, anytime, and a gym is not needed. All you'll need are a pair of dumbbells, one of my DVDs and 20–30 minutes every other day (daily for maximum results) to get your metabolism moving again. On other programs, you may over-train which may cause you to binge eat due to the spike in your hunger levels and exhaustion or injury from the workout, which may damage your metabolism. The metabolic boosting exercises found on my DVDs will not only boost your metabolism, but they will decrease your hunger and lift your mood without hurting you.

To begin losing weight the first day you start all you have to do is replace two meals a day with either a Complete Protein Shake or Lean Bar. Both are made with high-grade pure, clean whey that's specifically formulated for weight loss. You'll lose weight while you're learning how to eat specifically for weight loss. Fewer decisions or planning out over-complicated programs so you have fewer opportunities to fall off the plan.

So, What Do I Do Next?

You've decided that you want to boost your metabolism and lose weight fast; up to 1 pound per day, so what do you do next? Simply start by visiting the Leaner Lifestyle System Core Elements page.

If you have specific questions about the system make sure to visit the FAQ page.