The Leaner Lifestyle System Core Elements

Are you ready to radically change your body as well as your life? Below are your step-by-step solutions to ending your battle with weight gain. Say goodbye to the old you and say hello to the new lean, vibrant, healthy you. It all starts with a single step; making the decision to do it. So let's get started!

The Leaner Lifestyle System Core Elements

Step One:

Replace 1–2 meals daily (every day) with either a LynFit Complete Protein Shake or LynFit Lean Bar to boost your metabolism by 25 percent. Always start here first if you're serious about losing weight today!

Do you struggle with emotional eating and fight with hunger? Add step two to your plan.

*If you can only do one thing, do Step One. I recommend a Complete Protein Shake for breakfast and a Lean Bar for lunch for the best results.

Step Two:

Lower and balance your blood sugar to help combat hunger and cravings with LynFit Carb Edge. Take (1) capsule mid-morning and another mid-afternoon.

Can't seem to lose excess body fat from your hips, thighs, and belly? Add step three to your plan.

*Lisa Trick: On a cheat day or before a cheat meal take Carb Edge 30 minutes before you eat to block 65 percent of unwanted carbs from being broken down and stored as fat.

Step Three:

Force your body to burn fat for fuel by taking LynFit Cutting Edge before you work out and again at lunch. If you're not eating clean enough, you may want to take a 3rd Cutting Edge at 3 pm to help stop excess calories being stored as fat.

Is your weight loss too slow for your liking? Add step four to your plan.

*Lisa Trick: Cutting Edge is great for boosting mood and may help lower blood fats like cholesterol. Force fat loss and lower bad cholesterol for less than the cost of a breath mint.

Step Four:

Accelerate the process by adding the celebrity supplement (seen on Dr. Oz) LynFit Accelerator with Raspberry Ketones to help you bust through weight loss plateaus. Taking (1) Accelerator capsule first thing in the morning will make you feel good while providing the energy you need while losing weight.

*If you need a 2nd dose, take it at noon. You'll find that LynFit's quality is so high you'll need a lot less than store-bought brands. Accelerate your fat loss for just $1.42 per day. While that may seem more expensive than other brands keep in mind, you'll need less, so it lasts longer!

While the above steps are the core of the plan, some of us struggle with other issues in our lives like constipation, sleep, soreness, fatigue or weakened immunity. Make sure to check out the Leaner Lifestyle FAQ page to learn how to best deal with these, and other issues, that can negatively affect your weight loss and fitness revolution.

What are you waiting for? Be fearless! Be courageous! Stay Strong!