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Shake Up Your Weight LossLynFit Protein Shake Recipes

Lisa has compiled some of her favorite protein shake recipes and made them available, free for you to download. These simple recipes will make drinking your protein shakes even more fun and delicious. There are recipes that include all the shake flavor, and some of them might just surprise you.

These recipes are specifically designed to encourage fat loss because they are low in sugar and fat. Feel free to experiment but be careful not to add any additional calories or carbs that may interfere with your weight loss.

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The Shake Recipes will download as a PDF (Portable Document File). The PDF will open using software such as Acrobat Reader on a Windows or Mac operating system. Other PDF readers will also open this file.

Did you know that drinking a Complete Protein Shake - Non-GMO blocks cortisol, shuts off hunger, kills cravings, and boosts your metabolism 25 percent? Drinking a high-quality protein shake like the LynFit Complete Protein Shake will amplify your metabolism, but drinking inferior or less expensive whey can do the exact opposite because they are loaded with sugar and carbs and some even contain high amounts of fat. Most store-bought shakes will not deliver the same results. You simply cannot but a better shake for weight loss.