Lisa in the Media

From her visits to The Dr. OZ Show, Better TV, Good Morning Connecticut, Boston's My FOX25 and CBS New York the Couch, just to name a few, Lisa reveals her most up-to-date metabolic boosting tips and exercises. Find out from the "Health and Fitness Expert" which supplements, foods and beverages promote healthy weight loss.

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Lisa Lynn On CBS NY Lisa Lynn On MyFox Boston

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"I like the fact that Lisa Lynn makes it manageable to knock out unnecessary habits and makes it easier for people to stick to their goals." - CBS, The Couch (John Elliott)

"Lisa Lynn is a fitness goddess who helps to take a bite out of muffin tops with her healthy food tips." -Good Morning Connecticut (Matt Scott)

"Truly one of a kind. Lisa Lynn has spent over 25 years being a fitness specialist and understands the struggles many Americans undergo involving weight loss." - Moving America Forward (Doug Llewelyn)

"Lisa Lynn makes detoxing a much easier process by giving perfect examples of ways to fix the everyday problems we all face, without accidentally reaching for things that could potentially make our bodies toxic." -
FOX 25

"All of us have different nutritional needs and all of us really should pay attention to simple things, like serving size for example. Lisa Lynn does that, and so much more. She is the only trainer who ever made a difference." -
Martha Stewart

"Being a health enthusiast, Lisa Lynn has a lot to say about the importance of drinking water, and even how to serve water in ways that are utterly delicious, while also cleaning out toxins and rebuilding energy." -
Martha Stewart

"Although we can't stop the aging process, Lisa Lynn shows us how to stay strong and live long with her expert health advice." -
FOX News 8

"Lisa Lynn is a metabolic expert who through her weight gain/loss struggles has become a phenomenal woman and successful fitness trainer." -
Jack Canfield (Co-author of Chicken Soup for the Soul)

"We want everyone to know Lisa Lynn knows her stuff. She has worked with some of the most influential people of our day; including Martha Stewart, Dr. Oz, and Meredith Vieira, who all agree she truly is an expert." -
FOX 13

"Lisa Lynn has a way of schooling us on what to eat in order to speed our metabolisms and burn, baby burn, those calories." -
Michelle Ruiz (

"Being a health expert, Lisa Lynn knows exactly how to use the right supplements, the right way for your body." -

"Fitness guru, Lisa Lynn, sheds light on the top lies we all believe about weight loss, and helps us drop the pounds we all have difficulty losing." -
Daytime WFLA TV

"If you're anything like me, every day you hit that afternoon slump and handle it all wrong by reaching for what seems to be the easiest solution. Lisa Lynn gives the best advice about the healthiest ways to re-energize while still doing it with ease." -
Meredith Vieira