Lose 1 Pound Per Day Diet

Having trouble losing weight and melting off that stubborn & dangerous belly fat? Your struggle ends right here.

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Hi, I’m Lisa Lynn — Fitness and metabolic expert, best-selling author, and founder of LynFit Nutrition. I’m best known for my 15 years as Martha Stewart’s personal trainer, appearances on the Dr. Oz and Meredith Vieira Shows, and various other media outlets. I am passionate about inspiring you to live your healthiest life and have devoted 30+ years doing just that.

Welcome to the new way to lose weight (one pound per day) and melt belly fat fast! 

Every day I get emails from desperate people who have lost hope asking, “What’s the fastest way to lose weight and burn fat?” And I’ve heard it all: “I have no time,” "I’m diabetic,” “I’ve got hypothyroidism or thyroid disease,” “I’ve got high cholesterol and blood pressure,” “I’m menopausal,” “I take medication that makes me hungry and causes weight gain,” and “I struggle with depression that makes me crave all the wrong food.”

Maybe you just want to become leaner and more fit, but nothing seems to work. I know exactly how you feel and I’ve been right where you’re at. I was once 40 pounds overweight, depressed, and lost all hope despite the restrictive dieting and over-exercising. I just couldn’t lose weight, and I was tired and hungry all the time. It wasn’t until I learned about the science behind how my metabolism worked that I found hope. Now I’m 30 years older and in the best shape of my life despite my underactive thyroid, compounded by menopause, which makes losing weight even harder. 

There’s a diet for every second of the day and a gym on every corner, so why does our nation keep gaining weight? The reality is that diet and exercise alone aren’t enough. The fact is if you’re over 30, have any kind of health issues, or are too busy to find the time to eat right and exercise, you probably won’t lose weight until you forget everything you’ve learned about eating for weight loss and tried a new approach. To get your body to release excess fat and allow weight loss to happen requires first addressing the underlying issues that caused weight gain. 

If you’re ready to lose weight and melt off belly fat, this plan’s for you. Welcome to the LynFit Metabolic Boosting Lose 1 Pound Per Day System!  

This metabolic boosting system allows you to lose twice as much weight in half the time. More importantly, you’ll melt off that stubborn belly fat no matter how old you are or how stubborn your metabolism may be. That’s exactly why I created the LynFit Metabolic Boosting Lose 1 Pound Per Day System. I removed the guesswork, saving you time, money, and countless hours figuring out what to, or what not to eat. 

This safe, all-natural, highly effective system does just that. It is the fastest, easiest way to lose weight and burn fat. 

What makes my LynFit Metabolic Boosting Lose 1 Pound Per Day System different from all the rest? My system utilizes a comprehensive multi-system approach to weight loss and fat burning, beginning with addressing the underlying issues that have been preventing you from losing weight.

Powerful but safe and effective for both women and men, this system teaches the body how to use and burn off its own fat storage for fuel (a.k.a. fat burning).

    • Boosts metabolism by up to 25 percent safely and naturally, so you burn more calories all day long
    • When used correctly for weight loss, you can expect to lose 1 pound per day (don’t take my word for it … weigh yourself)
    • Promotes fat-burning from stubborn places
    • Blocks cortisol levels without causing jitters or crashes
    • Helps reduce blood sugar levels, cholesterol, and triglycerides while elevating good cholesterol (unlike Paleo® and Keto® diets)
    • Prevents weight gain and blocks new fat cell formation (great for anyone who has lost weight and wants to keep it off)  
    • Helps reduce inflammation
    • Detoxifies and cleanses the liver—your “metabolic muscle”
    • Reduces bloat, cellulite, and tightens the skin
    • Helps balance hormones (great for anti-aging)
    • Naturally improves energy and alertness
    • Enhances mood and mental function
    • Nourishes your body with amino acids and natural botanical extracts

What makes my system so much better, faster, and more efficient than Ketogenic®, Paleo®, Weight Watchers®, and Mediterranean’s? The reason most women don’t lose weight on these plans is despite them being low-carb, they are too high in fat. This prevents most people from losing weight on them. My plan is more pleasing to the medical community due to it being low in bad carbs (those that cause you to gain weight) and high in good-for-you fibrous carbs like vegetables. It’s low in bad fat yet high in good fat, so you’ll begin losing weight the same day you start.

By using metabolic boosting shakes twice daily, along with the metabolic boosting supplements, you begin losing one or more pounds daily while you’re learning how to eat to lose weight. I have found in my 30+ years as a weight loss expert that nothing motivates people more than seeing results. It's that simple. There is more hope than you think.

With the Metabolic Boosting Lose 1 Pound Per Day System, you'll get everything you need for 24-hour weight loss and fat burning.

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So, the only question is, "What are you waiting for?" You could be losing two times as much weight in half the time. And I'm here to help you every step of the way!