Gym memberships have risen to the highest level ever, and so has the obesity rate, while our fitness levels declined, leaving our bodies vulnerable to everything from high blood sugar, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and chronic aches and pains. These health issues leave us more prone to injury and depression.

Inactivity and sitting too much has actually flipped our DNA switch to the point that people who weren’t predisposed to these health issues are now and this unhealthy gene is being passed on to our offspring. This is completely avoidable if we simply get up and move our bodies more.

As a fitness trainer for over 28 years, I’ve seen every fad under the sun come and go, from CrossFit to running addictions. My favorite thing about fitness is that it works 100 percent of the time without fail and you get out exactly what you put into it. With these odds, why aren’t we moving our bodies more?

We overcomplicate it and advertisers have us believing we need to torture our bodies. Nothing could be further from the truth. Fitness should make you feel good. Gyms and fitness programs sell you on thinking all you need is their program, but the truth is they all work. That’s why you need to get honest with yourself and find the one that you actually will do consistently, even on the days you don’t feel like it.

There isn’t one condition that can’t be helped with more movement (sorry, your excuses won’t work anymore). If you've hurt your shoulder or knee, you can always walk, even if it’s pacing around your office or house or ride an indoor bike. You don’t need a gym membership. You don’t need fancy equipment. All you need is to trade your excuses for a dose of "I can, I will," and get up and move your body.

As an exercise addict, I sure wish someone had told me this truth. I could have saved hours every day, avoided all the wear and tear on my body, and lost weight faster. Now that you know this and that weight loss is 90 percent diet and 20 percent exercise (when your diet is dialed in) you don’t have to kill yourself!


We all need to get in 10,000 steps daily as a minimum. It doesn’t matter how old you are or what ails you (if you’ve been on the diet and weight loss roller coaster, your body may require double this to help lower blood sugar levels).

Lift weights twice weekly; your bones depend on it. Pilates, Yoga, and other forms of exercise that don’t include weights don’t count as weightlifting. Two weight workouts a week is mandatory, three weight workouts put your weight loss in the fast lane, and one weight workout weekly keeps you from backsliding.

LynFit is based on solid exercise science and our workouts get fast results, make fitness doable, and won’t hurt your body. Why abuse your body when you don’t have to?

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