If Your Workout Doesn't Say Metabolic, It Isn't!

What's inside the LynFit Metabolic Boosting Workout System DVD Series

When it comes to weight loss, not all workouts are created equal. Let's face it, when you're exercising versus sitting on the couch, it's a good thing. But what you might not know is that there are specific ways you can exercise that double your weight loss results in ½ the time.

The LynFit Metabolic Boosting Workout System DVD Series is a life-altering program of metabolic boosting workouts. It is the most effective system available today to rev-up your metabolism, blast calories, and change the shape of your body for good.

You don't need an expensive gym membership or any fancy equipment for that matter. The fastest, most effective way to tone, tighten and firm your body is by doing metabolic exercise. How do you know if your workout is metabolic? Simple; if it doesn't say metabolic, it isn't.

LynFit Metabolic Workout System DVD 1:

Transform your physique with these four metabolic boosting workouts to burn fat and build lean muscle. Plus, Cutting Edge Eating, an easy-to-understand guide for clean nutrition to ensure you achieve optimal health and lasting weight loss results.

LynFit Metabolic Booster Workout 1Workout 1: Metabolic Booster

This workout is only 30 minutes and will take your whole body through sculpting, tightening, strengthening and some recovery stretching. It will also focus on "cutting up" your muscles, making them more visible.

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LynFit Recovery Stretch WorkoutWorkout 2: Recovery Stretch

This stretching program is under 30 minutes and will help keep your body in working order. Over the years, Lisa's clients like Martha Stewart and company CEOs have told her that this is the most effective stretching they have ever felt.

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LynFit Power 30 Workout
Workout 3: Power 30

This is a total body workout in less than 40 minutes. Training your whole body three times a week is the secret to a tighter, more toned and leaner look. That's why Lisa created Power 30.

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LynFit Lean Core Workout
Workout 4: Lean Core

Lean Core works the abdominal muscles from every angle, so your abs will be flat and toned, not bulging out. Other workout programs focus on the wrong kind of exercises, causing your abs to stick out even more.

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LynFit Cutting Edge Eating
Free Bonus DVD: Cutting Edge Eating for the Ultimate Metabolic Boost

This Bonus DVD teaches you "how" and "what" to eat for long-lasting weight loss. After all, what you consume is attributed to 80 percent of your success. This DVD is the key to your success!

LynFit Metabolic Boosting Workout System DVD 2:

Get lean, get fit, fast with two metabolic boosting, fat-blasting workouts designed by Lisa to produce visible results in just 1 week! This is the next step in my commitment to delivering maximum workout results in less than 30 minutes. These quick hitting workouts deliver the maximum punch in a minimum amount of time.

LynFit Metabolic Booster Workout 2Workout 1: Metabolic Booster

Specifically designed to boost your metabolism and burn more calories throughout the day. Promotes weight loss by building lean, not bulky muscle.

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LynFit Fat Blaster WorkoutWorkout 2: Fat Blaster

An exhilarating, heart pumping workout that combines cardiovascular conditioning or interval training with muscle shaping, posture correcting moves, so you blast fat faster and burn more calories all day long.

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