What Lisa's Clients Say About the Leaner Lifestyle

Take it from Lisa's clients, you donʼt have to live at the gym to get the results you want. Designed with convenience in mind, Lisaʼs exercises will motivate and fit into any schedule with ease. Learn how these clients have gained and maintained weight loss, and how incorporating LynFit Nutritional products into their daily lives has helped each achieve personal health and fitness goals.

Click on a clip below, and discover why so many are making the choice to live the LynFit Leaner Lifestyle. Real people, real results. While all people are different and individual results will vary, these are LynFit's customers' actual experience

"LynFit Complete Protein is the best tasting protein shake you'll ever try. Lisa Lynn is the only trainer who ever made a big difference." - Martha Stewart

"I lost 100 LBS in 26 weeks. I feel like I was given a second chance at life. The Leaner Lifestyle made an astonishing difference in my life. That's the equivalent of an entire person! I am healthy and so happy; all I seem to do now is smile. I have tried just about every diet out there and even invented a few of my own. I was always so depressed and thought, "Why bother?" I would lose 20 LBS and then gain that and more right back, nothing worked. Then I started the Leaner Lifestyle. I am in the best shape of my life thanks to LynFit. I have even started running road races! Thank you so much LynFit!" - JoAnne A.

"I lost 15 pounds and 2 pant sizes in 28 days. I am in better shape using the Leaner Lifestyle DVD Series. My legs have shed most of the fat and they are trimmer." - John

"This is ridiculously un-freaking believable! All I can say is what is in LynFit supplements? I lost 4 lbs in one day. There's no way my scale is wrong, I see it and feel it. Thank you! Wow, I have to tell people about this." - Nicola T.

"With the help of LynFit Leaner Lifestyle, I made a dramatic transformation in 16 weeks. I valued the team effort of friends and my wife in the transformation. I have more energy to romp around with my kids. It was the simplicity of the Leaner Lifestyle system that helped me to stick with the program in my everyday life. The combination of the LynFit shakes and Cutting Edge for breakfast and lunch with a sensible dinner has helped me to get to my goal weight. I haven't even started working out yet!" - Brian A.

"Wow, do we like that product! I want you to know I appreciate you and all your work and unending kindness." - Linda

"It is so good to be reminded how there is a difference between eating for health & eating for weight loss. Lisa made me realize that is why LynFit supplements & Complete Protein are full of nutrients that feed muscle and starve the fat. She is so brilliant!" - Leisa