Success Stories

Looking for inspiration to change your lifestyle?

One of the greatest rewards of successful weight loss is seeing the results. There's nothing quite like comparing before and after pictures for a dose of instant motivation. Look below and see for yourself.

Once you read the stories of these ordinary people who got fit and lost weight, you'll be ready to change your life too!

Real People. Real Results

While all people are different and individual results will vary, these photos are of LynFit's customers' actual experience.

Here are just a few of these real life testimonies, in their own words:

Pastor Frank Before and AfterPastor Frank - Lost 62 lbs. and His Stomach Fat!

As a spiritual life coach to thousands every week and author of a leading book called, "Turn It Around", it is extremely important for me to be in optimum shape. With Lisa’s help, I have not only lost 62 pounds I also lost all of the fat that was covering my stomach.

Drinking protein shakes every day and doing the metabolism boosting workouts at home three times a week have boosted my metabolism so much I am now trying to gain weight! I now have the lean edge and can motivate people to turn their lives around — body, soul and spirit! Thanks, Lisa!

Leslie Before and AfterLeslie McIntyre - Lost a Total of 57 lbs.!

When I first met Lisa, I was overweight, lethargic and felt horrible. I struggled with letting go of my favorite foods and didn't believe that 80 percent of the weight loss battle directly correlates to making and maintaining healthy food choices. Lisa patiently took the time to educate me on diet and exercise, and after a few shorts days of incorporating the LynFit Protein Shake into my daily routine, I successfully lost 4 lbs.

For over 7 years now, I have maintained a total weight loss of 57 lbs. Walking every day and incorporating Lisa's Metabolic workouts 2–3 days a week has given me my life back!

Pastor Vega - Lost 50 lbs. and Feels Great!Pastor Vega Before and After

I was 209 lbs., and my doctor told me if I did not do anything about it she was going to put me on meds. I was only 50-years-old. I started walking and lifting weights with the encouragement of one my co-worker and although it felt good the results were very slow. Then Lisa Lynn came along who was a true God-send.

Well turn the clock forward 2 years later and I have lost a total of 50 lbs. and feel very good about myself. Lisa Lynn taught me that it's not about dieting but changing your lifestyle and making sure you are getting the correct daily dosage of nutrients through healthy eating and safe supplements. I would encourage anyone to try her workouts, products, and supplements.

Dana Tilton - Lost 34 lbs. and Got in ShapeDana Before and After

The turning point for me was when all I could do was watch my daughters having fun at the beach because I was ashamed to put on a bathing suit. I had attempted to lose weight off and on through various fad diets. On 12/26/12 that all changed, however. That's when I started using the LynFit system.

My biggest challenge was snacking. I am a stress eater and loved to snack while working at my desk. After a couple of weeks I began to incorporate the Metabolic Workouts into my routine and was immediately encouraged by the weight I was losing. Not only was I losing weight, but I was also spending less and had more free time. The LynFit Plan - it works!

Lynn Correia - Lost 20 lbs. Right Away!Lynn Before and After

I always thought I had to spend hours at the gym. Since we all know that is unrealistic for most of us, I never stayed consistent with my fitness routine, but when Lisa explained her 20-minute philosophy I was hooked. I quickly lost 20 lbs.

Today, at age 58, I am in the best shape of my life and feeling more confident than ever. I had never quite gotten to that place where my diet has become a lifestyle rather than a temporary fix. I can now say those days are behind me, and I am officially LynFit with the help of Lisa Lynn and her LynFit products.